Dram Shop Laws: The Liability of Selling Liquor in Florida

When someone is injured by an intoxicated person, the courts will hold the intoxicated person liable in many cases. There is a 3rd party that may also be held accountable. It is the person or establishment that provided the intoxicant. Florida dram shop laws outline this liability.  What is a “dram” shop? A dram is […]

No Lawsuits for Illnesses Related to Donated Food

Throughout the country, people are waiting in their vehicles in lines to get food from food banks. The lines stretch for miles, but people are hungry. Food shortages combined with unemployment have increased the pressure on food banks to provide food for more and more people. The COVID-19/ corona virus pandemic has created an unprecedented […]

Suing Police is Difficult Because of Qualified Immunity

There’s a good chance that if you get detained or arrested, the experience is unpleasant. You may feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, and angry. You may even feel like you have a basis for a lawsuit. While many people sue police officers and their departments for their behavior while wearing the badge, it can be difficult to […]

Defamation Lawsuits: How Dare You Say That!

People tell lies everyday, and it is an annoying but accepted part of life. According to an article in Scientific American, it is an important part of our cognitive development. But lying can have harmful consequences, especially when a person lies about another person. It can tarnish the person’s reputation, damage relationships, and cause subsequent […]

Mold and Florida Personal Injury Lawsuits

The quality of the air you breathe is very important to your health. Especially with the issues our country is dealing with in regard to the corona virus/ Covid 19 epidemic.  However, there are many opportunities for pollutants to enter that air. Inside the home, mold growth can impact your air quality and cause health […]

Lawyers in Pajamas: How Zoom Affects Attorney Practice

Social distancing and the coronavirus pandemic have limited the courts’ functioning over the past month. Although proceedings via ZOOM have begun, it is not clear how soon you will see traditional jury trials with members of the jury sitting elbow-to-elbow in the jury box.   We do not expect jury trials to begin for the rest […]

Taxes and Personal Injury Lawsuits

It seems like there is always someone waiting to take a chunk out of every dollar a person makes. Between taxes, social security, and debt collectors, everyone wants a piece of the pie. The government has even allowed creditors to take money from individuals’ CARES Act stimulus package payments. This is being debated nationwide, as […]

Coronavirus Lawsuits in Nursing Homes

The changes imposed on the American public as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic have infringed upon the freedom of many individuals. Moreover, employers did not protect workers in many industries with protective gear. The coronavirus hit rather suddenly, despite early warnings. The devastating illnesses and deaths have caused a lot of finger pointing. People […]

Crazy Lawsuits You Probably Don’t Know the Truth About

Over the past decades there’s been a constant fluctuating fight for tort reform in order to put an end to frivolous lawsuits. However, most rumored cases are misunderstood. From McDonald’s coffee to injuries sustained while committing crimes, here a few examples of crazy lawsuits you probably don’t know the truth about. Crazy Lawsuits You Probably […]

Safety Even When Working in Dangerous Conditions

It is a fact of life there are people who have to work in unsafe conditions. Someone has to repair roofs, operate cranes, and weld while under the water. However, every workplace must have safety standards even when the conditions are inherently unsafe. This summer, there is one workplace hazard that faces many Floridians who […]