Drunk Driving Accident & Injuries

Drunk Driving Accident & Injuries

The accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Kirshner, Groff & Diaz will respond immediately to your call for help after a drunk driver turns your life upside down. You’ll get to speak with a real, caring attorney right away and learn about your rights to compensation after an accident. You’ll find that we’re approachable attorneys truly committed to relieving your financial hardship after a drunk driver’s poor judgment destroyed your ability to work or care for your family. You can schedule your appointment on evenings or weekends if that’s what you need. We’re available to meet with you at your hospital room. When you choose us for legal representation, you can focus on your physical recovery without the stress of arguing with an insurance company.

You can schedule your appointment on evenings or weekends if that’s what you need. We’re available to meet with you at your hospital room.

We’ll manage the complex process of finding evidence to build a case that fully explains the costs of your injuries. We understand how the stress of medical bills, lost income, and family disruption adds to your suffering. By placing your case in our hands, you’ll gain a strong advocate. We’ll add up your past, current, and future medical expenses and push for a fair settlement. Florida law allows the victims of drunk driving accidents to seek money for:
  • Medical bills
  • Lost income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disability and disfigurement

You might also collect punitive damages because the law wants to punish drunk 

The law strictly prohibits people from consuming alcohol or other intoxicants, legal or illegal, and operating vehicles.

An intoxicated person who hurt you while driving a car, truck, ATV, boat, commercial vehicle, bus, or motorcycle has legal responsibility for paying the bills for your accident.

To find funds to pay for your injuries, we’ll look for insurance coverage and the drunk driver’s personal assets.

We can file a lawsuit that explains the driver’s negligent behavior and the financial cost that you suffered because that person chose to operate a vehicle while intoxicated.

As you cope physically and emotionally after the accident, we’ll work with independent experts to gain testimony about the cost of your injuries.

This evidence could convince an insurance company to fund an appropriate settlement, but we’re completely capable of taking your case to court.

You won’t have to do anything to prepare your case for court. We’ll file court paperwork, interview witnesses, schedule testimony from experts, and explain your damages to the jury.

Expert testimony from trauma doctors, chiropractors, mechanics, forensics engineers, and collision reconstruction analysts will inform a jury about your suffering and physical limitations. A higher jury award could result.

Accident victims have a limited amount of time to file their claims for damages under Florida law. We’re waiting to discuss your case, day or night. There’s no cost to call and ask us questions. You’ll only pay legal fees after we collect a settlement.

You don’t have to put up with the runaround from an insurance company after you’ve suffered a life-altering accident.

The Law Offices of Kirshner, Groff & Diaz has been recovering money for drunk driving accident victims for over 30 years.

We believe so much in helping accident victims that we give our cell phone numbers to our clients. For personal service, in English or Spanish, call 305-661-3633 or use the online contact form below right now.

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