Slip and Fall Accidents

Have You Had A ‘Slip and Fall’ Accident?

Here are 4 Things You Must Do Immediately To Protect Yourself

You thought you were in a safe area. You had no reason to expect that you were about to encounter a hazard, like a slippery floor or broken step.

Slip and fall accidents can cause serious or even disabling injuries, like head trauma, spinal damage, or broken bones.

At no cost to you, we will discuss your case with you at a place of your convenience.   In about 30 minutes, we will have an idea of if we can recover money for you for any of the following:

  • Past, current, and future medical bills related to the fall
  • Lost income
  • Personal distress
  • Pain and suffering
1. Stop

Never leave the area, without reporting the fall. If you do not report the fall, the insurance company will deny the incident occurred.

Evidence connected to your slip and fall accident might fade quickly. An owner or employee might try to hide maintenance failures.

2. Take Pictures

Everyone has a cell phone now a days. Photograph the scene. Something caused you to fall. Try to figure out what caused you to fall.

Where did the water come from; what caused the leak; are there any streak marks through what caused you to evidencing the substance had been there for a while; was there a leak in the roof; was a bottle leaking; etc…

Remember, as the party bringing the claim, we have the burden of proving there was something on the floor which caused the fall.

Without proof, the defendant gets away with allowing a dangerous condition to exist on the floor and will simply allow the condition to occur again.

3. Do Not Sign Anything

Many times after a fall a manager or security will prepare an incident report, then ask the injured party to sign a statement indicating what occurred.

NEVER EVER sign this statement. Many times the person preparing the report will include details which seem innocent, but are meant to limit the stores liability.

Other times, the information contained in the report will simply be inaccurate. You are under no obligation to sign any document created by the location where the fall occurred.

You are hurt, you are dazed and disorienteddon’t let the at fault party take advantage of the situation.

4. Protect Your Rights

Perhaps the most important thing you should do after an accident is to consult your attorney.

Your attorney can protect your rights and make sure valuable evidence is not destroyed.

Often times there is a video of the fall. If the video shows evidence which is beneficial to your case, the at fault party may allow the video to be destroyed.

In any slip and fall case, it is imperative a preservation of evidence letter be sent immediately, to insure any video of the incident is not destroyed.

We’re available at your soonest convenience to discuss your case at no cost to you. We believe in building direct relationships with our clients.

Calling our office means that you get to speak with an attorney and hear a legal opinion about your accident. You won’t be screened by assistants or paralegals.

During your consultation, you’ll learn about the issues that could influence your claim for damages. Legal standards apply differently to different classes of visitors.

For example, businesses have different levels of obligation toward business visitors and social guests. If the facts point toward a business’s liability for your damages, you can expect us to use all legal tools at our disposal to pursue damages for you.

We’ll visit the location of your accident, take pictures, and talk to witnesses.

We’ll enlist respected and independent experts, like physicians, chiropractors, and forensics engineers, to describe how your accident happened and how badly it hurt you. Their powerful testimony could make your suffering clear to a jury.

Access to our knowledgeable consultants could help you push back against excuses made by the opposing party. Our ability to challenge a responsible party could lead to a fair settlement which reflects the harm you experienced.

The evidence connected to your slip and fall accident might fade quickly. An owner or employee might try to hide maintenance failures.

Florida law also limits how much time you have to make a slip and fall accident claim.

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