Can You Sue Schools for Going Online?

This spring, the coronavirus forced millions of students out of the classroom and onto the computer. Some continued learning quite well with teachers who were savvy enough to successfully transition their courses to a remote format. Others failed miserably. This left many university students without access to the quality of education they signed up for […]

Gym Lawsuits in Florida

There are a lot of duties you count on your gym to perform. They must maintain equipment, have enough equipment available, offer privacy, offer sanitary conditions, and remain open per membership promises. Given the current pandemic, many of these duties are compromised. This will surely lead to a few lawsuits, but if there isn’t a […]

How Managers Make Lawsuits

Being a manager is a tough job for many reasons, but one of those reasons is the propensity to create legal disasters. Lawmakers have created many laws to protect employees, and managers are charged with running the business within the confines of those laws.  Title VII Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibits hiring […]

Lawsuits and Protests

On May 25, 2020, police officers arrested George Floyd in Minneapolis, and during the arrest an officer killed Mr. Floyd by kneeling on his neck. Bystanders filmed the incident, and the blatant disregard for human life spurred protests around the nation. Many people have been harmed during the protests, and there are lawsuits everywhere following […]

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Civil Suit Settlements

You have probably heard tales of people receiving large settlements for civil lawsuits without ever going to court, and that certainly has been true at times. However, the decision to settle comes with many disadvantages as well as advantages.  What is a Settlement?  A settlement is an agreement between a potential or current plaintiff and […]

Organizations Held Liable for Sexual Assaults in Sports

When coaches or other persons associated with sports teams sexually abuse a player, the courts criminally prosecute him or her in a court of law. They may award the victims restitution as part of the judgement. If not, the victim may be able to sue the perpetrator in civil court for sexual assaults. When that […]

Gag Orders and Free Speech

Many forces have been attacking the freedom of speech recently. This is due to an America filled with rabid tweeting, lack of transparency from government agencies, misinformation from scientists, and protests against racism. Everybody wants their voice to be heard, but the abuse of free speech has caused doubt about all so-called facts. It seems […]

Human Trafficking Perps Can Be Sued. So Can Third Parties

Human trafficking is a bigger problem than many people think. Traffickers exploit people every day. They coerce people to work and slave against their will. If authorities catch the trafficker, the criminal justice system will try to punish them. They may even give restitution to the victim. When a victim doesn’t get compensation, human traffickers […]

What is the Difference Between a Civil and Criminal Case?

The legal system has many goals. It aims to prevent and deter crime. The legal system also attempts to fairly punish people for their actions. Finally, it tries to compensate people for their injuries. In this multifaceted goal, there are many working parts that attempt to create justice and a functional society. In order to […]