Big jump in e-scooter, e-bike injuries the last four years, CPSC finds

If you are a motorist, or riding a scooter, look out. Injuries stemming from e-scooters and e-bikes spiked 70% over the past four years, spurring nearly 200,000 emergency room visits, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.  See our Useful Resources page for links to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website and […]

Should You Ride with Body Armor?

You likely know this by now, but we will say it again because it always bears repeating: motorcycle protective gear is vital when you are riding. When you bike, safety is a routine and an attitude that you should follow. Most accidents can be avoided by riding defensively, but when that is not enough, protective […]

Riding a Motorcycle Safely with a Passenger

If you are a motorcycle rider, then you know there is no better feeling than going on a long summer ride and feeling the wind against your bike and the pavement below. It is a solo experience, but biking is often a group activity. Group riding and motorcycle rallies have long been a part of […]

Riding Safely at Night: Part 2

As we have said before, nighttime riding can be both thrilling and dangerous. As a motorcycle operator, you need to be that much more vigilant while riding at night. In our last post, we discussed the potential obstacles you could encounter while riding in the dark and how to make yourself more visible and easily seen by […]

Long-Distance Riding 103

This is the final part of our series on riding long distances. We’ve already discussed in the previous parts how to prepare your bike and yourself for a long journey. Now that you are prepared, it is time for your big trip. Of course, you have to pack for your journey, but what should you bring? How can you keep yourself […]

Riding Safely at Night: Part 1

Long-term motorcycle riding is all about risk management and keeping safe year after year. While biking at night is not always possible to avoid, it all boils down to one thing: visibility. You must be visible to other motorists and other objects in the area, and you must be able to see what is going […]

Gathering Evidence After a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycles are more common than ever before on the roads, both commercial and private. However, as the popularity of motorcycles grows, so does the risk of being involved in a motorcycle accident. Statistics say tens of thousands of motorcycle riders are killed or injured in a crash every year. The lesson to be learned from […]

What is the Safest Motorcycle?

Riding a motorcycle inherently carries greater risks than driving a car. A motorcycle rider can only be as safe as the bike they have chosen, so it is vitally important that you choose the best bike for you and your purposes. The question is often asked: what is the safest motorcycle? However, there is no […]

ABS for Motorcycles: Do you need it?

One of most important developments in safety in cars on the road in past few decades has been the introduction of the anti-lock braking system (ABS). ABS in cars has lessened the number of would-be accidents over the years and has allowed drivers to regain control of their vehicles that otherwise would have been hard […]

How to Get Over Your Fear of Riding After an Accident

Motorcycle riders are far more likely than their car-driving counterparts to get into an accident. Everyone, especially those who ride, knows that riding can be dangerous and how important it is to do everything you can to protect yourself on the road and ride defensively. If you ride long enough, you will likely get into […]