Automated Features in Vehicles Increase Florida Distracted Driving

Until April 1st, Floridians experienced more freedom than much of the rest of the country who went into lockdown early to prevent the spread of COVID-19. While many Americans parked their cars and started at-home hobbies, Floridians were still going to work and socializing at the beach. As a result, car crashes increased in Florida […]

Bad Faith Litigation and Its Future

When you have a claim being made against  you, you expect your insurance company to do the right thing.  As an insured, you  expect the insurance company to protect your interests.  Unless you are living under a rock, you know many times insurance companies place their interests before that of the insured. Insurance companies deny […]

Civil Action in Identity Theft

When a person harms another human, whether it is physical or financial, there are often criminal charges that are punitive in nature. The courts use these punitive measures to deter future crime. However, there are some crimes for which punitive measures are not enough. Punishing criminals may deter crime, but it does not fully recompense […]

Florida’s Impact Rule Troubling for Those without Physical Injury

In personal injury cases, a plaintiff seeks monetary compensation for harm they experienced. Sometimes, it is easy for a jury to compute damages. Medical bills, property damage, and loss of work have actual values. It is hard for a defendant to dispute them because there is proof of the damage. It is much more difficult […]

Social Media As Evidence in Florida Personal Injury Cases

Plaintiffs and defendants in personal injury cases typically have at least one social media account. Between Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, most of us have access to at least one, if not all of them. In personal injury cases, this access can come back to haunt either party in a lawsuit. That is why it […]

Getting the Most Out of Your Lawsuit or Settlement

If you are planning on filing a personal injury lawsuit, you may be stressed about preparation. How much should you ask for in compensation? What losses will the courts recompense? Are you asking for too much or too little? It is difficult to figure out the answers to all of these questions. That is why […]