Florida Motorcycle Accident Statistics and Lawsuit Recommendations

If you are a motorcyclist, then you know there is no greater feeling than driving the open road on your bike on a beautiful day. Experience has sharpened your riding skills. You’ve probably had a few close calls caused by other drivers or yourself. But you don’t get out on your bike because it is […]

Good Samaritan Law: First on the Scene

You have two options when you come across an accident: stay or go. If you stay, you could be an immense help to someone who is injured or trapped. It could also put you in danger. If you go, you may suffer a strained neck from trying to observe the accident, but that will be […]

Drunk Driving Accidents in Florida

Drunk driving accidents are an unfortunate reality in all 50 states, unfortunately especially in Florida. Florida ranks second in its number of fatal drunk driving accidents with 839 in 2017. While that is a very large number, the number of overall drunk driving accidents that year totaled 5,125. These accidents result in major hardships including […]

Who’s At-Fault in a Blind Spot Accident?

Florida right-of-way laws put the duty of care on all drivers to avoid an accident. That means bicycles, motorcycles, compact cars, and semi-trucks are all equally responsible in the mission to avoid accidents. This is regardless of whose fault it is. Of course, fault is what determines criminal and civil action against the people involved. […]

Catastrophic Injury

Pain and suffering is severe and long-term when a catastrophic injury occurs. Life-altering injuries limit mobility and quality of life. As a result, a person may require long-term care or suffer lifelong limitations and pain. This leads to subsequent conditions like depression, and a person is left dwelling on the fact that things will never […]

Golf Cart Hit by Possible Drunk Driver – MacArthur Causeway Now Open

Police arrested a woman suspected to have been driving under the influence whe she struck a golf cart on the MacArthur Causeway, sending the man in the cart to the hospital and closing the causeway for hours. According to City of Miami Police, the crash took place along the westbound lanes near Fountain Street in […]