Florida Motorcycle Accident Statistics and Lawsuit Recommendations

If you are a motorcyclist, then you know there is no greater feeling than driving the open road on your bike on a beautiful day. Experience has sharpened your riding skills. You’ve probably had a few close calls caused by other drivers or yourself. But you don’t get out on your bike because it is the safest mode of transportation.  You get out on your bike, because you love to ride. Your helmet and gear offer some security, but motorcycle accidents still happen every day. The lack of protection on bikes can make even a low-speed motorcycle accident cause injuries or death.

U.S.A. Motorcycle Accident Statistics

2017 Motorcycle Accident Fatality Statistics according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

  • 5,172 motorcyclists killed in the U.S.
  • 4,885 deaths were riders, and 287 were passengers
  • 65% motorcycle fatalities NOT at intersections
  • 58% motorcycle fatalities occurred during day
  • 97% motorcycle fatalities occurred in clear conditions
  • 28% motorcycle fatalities alcohol related
  • Florida was the state with the most motorcycle deaths (550 people)

What these statistics should highlight is that motorcycle accidents are deadly. They happen under normal driving conditions, and they occur most often in the state of Florida.  Given the drivers in Miami, Miami is particularly dangerous for motorcycle drivers.

Why does Florida have the most motorcycle deaths?

One of the reasons Florida has the most motorcycles deaths is because it has the most motorcycle riders. It is second only to California. Florida has 586,267 registered motorcycle drivers. It also has a draw to outsiders with major bike rallies and events like Daytona Beach Bike Week (500,000 people) and Biketoberfest (100,000 people).

Florida also has other factors that could possibly increase motorcycle accidents such as it being the state with the largest elderly population. This is debatable as it implies that elderly drivers are more apt to get into automobile accidents, but it could be a factor. In truth, there are plenty of elderly motorcyclists out there enjoying the road safely with others. In some cases, elderly persons are behind the wheel that are suffering from decreased vision or cognitive decline. This could be a factor in increasing all motor vehicle accidents.

More likely than not, the reason Florida has the largest amount of motorcyclist deaths is because it has a lot of beautiful roads to travel. This means there are more people regularly enjoying their bikes. More motorcyclists on the road should result in a proportionate increase in the number of accidents.

What you should do if you are in a motorcycle accident?

If you are in an accident and injured, there are some things you can do. This will increase safety and make sure you are recompensed for the results of that accident if it wasn’t your fault.

  • Safety First: Always consider safety first. Get out of the roadway. Make sure anyone else involved is away from traffic hazards. If someone stops to help, make sure they aren’t putting themselves in harm’s way.
  • Call the Police: A police report can be useful evidence in a future court case. Call the police even if you aren’t immediately considering seeking damages. You may have injuries that aren’t showing up yet. Don’t sell yourself short by thinking you aren’t going to need evidence. You may only use it for insurance purposes, but you should always call the police if you are involved in an accident.
  • Eyewitnesses: Evidence is the key to winning any court case or getting any insurance settlements. If there are eyewitnesses to the accident before, during, or after it happened, they could be useful. If you have the wherewithal to communicate, get contact information.
  • Take Photos: The scene of the accident is not just where the accident happened. Photos will also show the road conditions, skid marks, and other clues that can lead to fault determination.
  • See a Doctor: Even if you don’t feel like you were injured, there are likely some injuries if you were on a motorcycle. A doctor can evaluate you and see if you have head, neck and/ or injuries to an extremity. Make sure wounds are properly dressed. A doctor may be able to find and correct things that could be painful later on.
  • Find a Lawyer: Even if you feel you were at fault, a lawyer can give useful information about your rights and what damages may be available to you or the other party. If you were at fault, you may be only partially at fault. Courts would split damages under the theory of comparative negligence. You have rights whether an accident was your fault or not your fault. A lawyer can make sure things end up square in the end.

How to Increase Safety While Riding

According to Florida right of way laws, drivers are basically expected to do everything possible to avoid a crash. Obviously, this tactic does not always work, and accidents are a result. There are many things riders can do to avoid accidents and keep the Florida roads a little bit safer.

  • Maintain recommended speed: The speed limit is a law commonly overlooked by the motorcyclist because of their ability to easily travel at high speeds. It is understandable to want to go fast when you’re on a fast bike. If you want to avoid serious injury, travel at posted speed limits. It is sometimes difficult for other drivers to see motorcyclists because of their smaller size. Travelling at a slower speed allows them more time to see you.
  • Big Rig Danger: Watch out for large vehicles like semi-trucks and campers. They have large blind spots that make it more difficult to see motorcycles. Don’t camp out next to one of these “big rigs” for too long. They may change lanes thinking that the road is clear.
  • Avoid Impaired Driving: Driving while under the influence of intoxicants causes too many motor vehicle accidents. Motorcycle accidents are naturally more deadly. Motorcycle rallies and events often involve alcohol, but if you are the driver, don’t drink.
  • Wear Safety Gear: Many Florida motorcyclist wear shorts and a tank top while driving in Florida’s warm weather. Flip-flops are positively cringe-worthy. Wear proper gear: helmet, gloves, boots, coat, and pants. Motorcycle gear manufacturers understand the need for comfort, and there are many lightweight alternatives that allow for summer rides without a huge sweat factor.
  • Maintain your Vehicle: Properly maintain your vehicle and replace your tires when needed. Any mishap on the road can become a deadly mistake. An improperly functioning bike is all one needs to end up on the roadside instead of happily traversing the Florida beaches.

Talk to a Lawyer if You’ve Been in a Motorcycle Accident

If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, you may have the opportunity to be reimbursed for your medical expenses, pain, and suffering. The first step is finding a lawyer who can listen to your story and determine if you have a case. If you are interested in finding a lawyer for a personal injury case involving a motor cycle accident, contact the law offices of Kirshner, Groff, and Diaz. We will give you no obligation advice about your case. You’ll be able to speak directly to a lawyer.

Motorcycle accidents are unfortunate, as there are usually injuries. The courts will award damages to a person injured in a not-at-fault accident that can cover medical expenses, pain and suffering. This helps to reduce some of the effects of the injury. Talk to a lawyer about your motorcycle accident, and make sure you are getting the protection the law affords to those injured in accidents.

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