Walk Your Motorized Vehicle Over Sidewalks in Florida

According to Florida State Statute 316.1995, only vehicles moved by human power are allowed on sidewalks. It is this way in most states, but there is an increasing trend in motorcycles, ATVs, and other motorized vehicles causing mayhem by users riding, basically, wherever they want. You’re supposed to walk your motorized vehicle over sidewalks in […]

How to Explain Personal Injuries To Your Doctors and Lawyer

How to Explain Personal Injuries To Your Doctors and Lawyer You are seriously injured because of another person’s negligence. How upset will you be when the defendant’s insurance company and lawyers, not only deny your legitimate injury claim, but use your own medical records against you? Unfortunately, this happens every day. Insurance companies will carefully […]

Is Your Florida Dash Cam Legal?

If you recently purchased a dash cam, you’re probably experiencing relief. Someone else can essentially witness what you saw during the event of an accident. Congratulations! Dash cams have contributed to justice since the 1980s when law enforcement began using them. Since then, technology has advanced drastically. There are many features to dash cams that […]

State Road 836 Westbound Closed Halloween Night – Traffic Hell

Starting at 11 p.m. Thursday, all lanes and ramps on westbound State Road 836/Dolphin Expressway from Northwest 57th Avenue to Northwest 72nd Avenue will be shut down for asphalt placement. The closure will last until 5 a.m. Friday. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle collision and want to know your rights.  Call […]

Which Insurance Coverage Protects YOU the best?

Automobile Insurance in Florida – Protect Yourself Because Others Won’t Pursuant to Florida law, everyone who operates a motor vehicle in Florida is required to carry automobile insurance coverage. As part of the process of obtaining or renewing your driver’s license, you are usually required to show “proof of insurance” or to otherwise prove that […]

Straight Facts About Seatbelt Use

Kirshner Groff and Diaz, is committed to protecting our clients and their families. We have looked into the tearful eyes of too many parents struggling with catastrophic injuries caused by a parent not putting their toddler in a car-seat, or insisting their older children use a seat belt. Other times it’s a teenage driver who […]