The Insurance Company Watches You and Your Social Media Page

It is common in personal injury cases for the attorneys and insurance company on the other side to arrange to secretly take videos of our clients. The camera operators are very clever and will take selective moments in a person’s life which completely misrepresent and distort your medical situation.

Similarly, it is common in personal injury cases for the attorneys or insurance company on the other side to look into your personal life on social media (including postings, photographs, tags, texts, emails, tweets, etc.) and distort and twist your information by claiming that your injuries are exaggerated.

Please follow the guidelines below to minimize the insurance company’s opportunity to damage your case:

1. Keep an eye out for video operators, sitting in a vehicle or elsewhere, taking videos or photographs with a hand-held video camera or cell phone.

2. Avoid engaging in any activities that the defense could distort or twist in order to claim that you are misrepresenting your medical situation.

3. If you, or your family, use any social media sites, including Facebook, Myspace , Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Caring Bridge, etc., you should immediately reset your profiles to the highest possible privacy settings.

4. Do not accept any friend requests from anyone you do not personally know.

5. Do not post anything about your case, your injuries, your personal thoughts, photographs or conversations with your attorneys on any social media site, or blog. The best practice, from this point forward, is not to post any information on social media websites.

6. Ethical rules concerning your lawsuit prohibit you and your attorney from removing, deleting, concealing or withholding any information you may have already posted.

7. If your close friends and family members post pictures or information about you, please make them aware of these guidelines and ask them to follow them.

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