Choose to Ride Motorcycles for Your Own Reasons

Motorcyclists are often considered to be part of a special club whether they actually belong to a motorcycle club or not. That is because they have chosen to experience the road beneath them in a different way. That way is a mystery to those who have not tried it. Still, a lot of the reasons they’re considered different than other drivers on the road is due to social stigmas. The false profiling of riders on the road is sometimes positive and other times negative. They are considered fun and free but also dangerous and risky. The real reasons people choose to ride motorcycles may be much different than you think. 

Why People Choose to Ride Motorcycles


Right now, fuel prices are not a major issue in the automobile world. However, many motorcyclists ride to save money. This is true regardless of the length of commute. In town driving allows small motorcycles to ease through traffic and not experience the same fuel loss of larger vehicles. Long-range commutes offer extended savings. 


Motorcycles are generally more Earth-friendly than other vehicles. This is especially true if the bike is electric. Even fuel-powered bikes do less road damage because they are lighter and have less contact with the road. There are less emissions from most bikes than other fuel-powered vehicles. If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, that can be easily done by riding a motorcycle. 

It’s cool. That’s Why Many Choose to Ride Motorcycles.

A huge reason for people to ride bikes is simply the coolness factor. Motorcycle riding has been sensationalized on television, but you have to admit people look cool when riding motorcycles. There’s something about accepting danger, living on the edge, and having freedom that coincides with the imagery of bike riding. 


As said previously, all bikers belong to an unspoken club. However, there are also many motorcycle clubs one can belong to. The comradery between people in these clubs is immense, and lifelong friends are made via motorcycling. Many people start riding to be a part of these communities and attend events such as Sturgis or Biketoberfest. It’s a whole new world when you are part of a motorcycle community. 


A huge reason for people choosing to ride motorcycles is that their friends do it. Biking with friends is awesome, and experiencing the freedom of the open road is only made better by sharing it. Biking with friends gives you a common experience for later conversation, but it is also a safer option in case anything goes wrong. 


If you work a long, 9-to-5 shift in a stuffy office building with whiny coworkers, you are probably in need of an unwind by the end of the day. Hopping on your bike and hitting the road is a great stress reliever. The attention required combined with the relaxing freedom and control that riding provides takes your mind off the stress of life. You’ll arrive home refreshed and ready for real life to continue. Many people use motorcycle riding to cool off from stressful events and regular, stressful days. 


It may sound strange to the person who has never ridden, but riding a motorcycle can make you feel more connected with the world. Many riders opted for motorcycles in order to get this connection. It is a similar feeling to mountain biking, hiking, or even running. You are the master of your mode of travel, and the Earth is your path for the taking. 


Stereotypes exist for a reason, and the thrill of the ride is definitely a factor when choosing to ride a motorcycle. Leaning into corners and hitting high speeds are part of the rush for many riders. There is a risk involved in all of this including a legal risk if you are travelling significantly past the speed limit. Still, there’s no denying that many people ride bikes because it is a thrill. 


Just like any other hobby, motorcycle riding requires knowledge and the ability to tinker. You’ll add accessories to your bike, find new and exciting routes, and become mechanically inclined if you weren’t already. For many riders, motorcycles become a hobby. They may collect vintage bikes or work on souping up sport bikes. There are countless directions a motorcycle hobby can take. 


There is something confining about enclosed vehicles once you have experienced the freedom of riding a motorcycle. The sensation of the wind at your helmet and the road beneath your bike is like the feeling you get hiking through the woods. You are free. The different terrains available to motorcycles also equates to added freedom. 

Family Legacy

Lastly, many people simply ride because they’ve always been riding. Their parents started them young, and they’ve always known they would ride. This is not so much of a high-pressure motivation to ride as it is pride in one’s family legacy. Family members will share generations of motorcycle stories, and they’ll be passed on to following generations. They become motorcycle families with a passion for biking that exceeds many others’. 

Does It Matter Why People Choose to Ride Motorcycles?

The reason people choose to ride motorcycles is important for multiple reasons: 

  • Choice in Motorcycle
  • Riding Style
  • Satisfaction

Choice in Motorcycle

If you want to go motocamping or cruising with a classic bike club, then a sport bike isn’t probably what you are looking for. Understanding the different reasons you ride is important, so you can properly choose a bike or bikes. Maybe you need something that will go off-road. You may have a passenger you want to ride with. 

Riding Style

Knowing that you are a daredevil seeking out thrills on a motorcycle is not always a bad thing. Understanding this purpose can get you out on a raceway instead of a country road to reach top speeds. It may cause you to invest in better protective gear. Likewise, if you are only commuting short distances, you may not need to invest in things like Bluetooth because you won’t be disconnected for long. 


Lastly, you want to be satisfied with  your motorcycle experience. Understanding why you choose to ride goes a long way toward meeting that satisfaction.  If you are doing it to save money, focus on that and count the dollars that you save. You might be doing it for fun, so make sure you get out there whenever you can and enjoy the riding life. If it’s about mental health, be introspective. Make sure you are taking care of yourself by making time to ride. Satisfaction is a huge part of everybody’s reason to ride no matter what they consciously choose as their “reason.” 

Choose to Ride Motorcycles Safely

No matter what the reason is for riding, it is true that motorcycles are slightly riskier when it comes to safety. This doesn’t mean you are doomed to wreck when out on the road, or nobody would do it. However, it does mean that you need to operate your motorcycle safely and watch out for other vehicles. Many automobile drivers neglect to look out for motorcycles, which can cause a wreck even if the motorcyclist is doing everything right. Additionally, motorcyclists should do everything they can to protect themselves. This means protective gear and items to make you bike as visible as possible. Everyone has a reason they ride, and that reason is never to get hurt. 

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