10 Things Not to Do On a Motorcycle Group Ride

Going on your first motorcycle group ride is an exciting event. A new rider is likely to overplan but also to experience some anxiety about fitting in with experienced riders. Most experienced riders will tell you not to worry. They’ve all been in your shoes at one point. Most of the time, you’ll naturally either […]

Eye Conditions that Make Riding a Motorcycle Difficult

When driving any type of vehicle, decent vision is a requirement. You must have legal driving visual acuity. In Florida, your vision must be 20/40 or better with some exceptions. That means that a person with “perfect vision” would be able to see something 40 feet away. You’d need to move closer to 20 feet […]

15 Tips for the New Motorcycle Rider

Riding a motorcycle isn’t that difficult, but when you are a new motorcycle rider, there is definitely a steep learning curve. Simply starting and stopping at traffic signals or while going uphill can present a huge challenge. Some things, you have to improve by experience. However, there are tips for new motorcycle riders that can […]

Using Your Vision for Motorcycle Safety

It isn’t news to anyone that you have to use your eyes to drive a motorcycle. However, riding a motorcycle requires a different type of driving that requires you to use vision in a more purposeful manner. Using your vision for motorcycle safety means actively seeking out hazards that can come from any direction.  The […]

Letting Teens Drive Motorcycles in Florida

Just about every kid has a desire to ride a motorcycle either during early childhood or as a teenager. That dream is many parents’ nightmare. When adults drive motorcycles, they are relatively safe (generally speaking) as long as there are no accidents. However, a minor operating a motorcycle adds less maturity, faulty decision-making, thrill-seeking, and […]