Long-Distance Riding 101

The open road is a theme that calls out to many motorcycle riders, new and old. On the seat of a motorcycle is a truly special way to see and explore a new destination or route. With a motorcycle, you can even sometimes access backroads and paths that cars cannot. Long-distance riding can also be as challenging […]

A Starter Guide to Motorcycle Gear: Part 1

When you are driving a car, the vehicle itself already comes ready with most of the safety features you will need. However, on a motorcycle, you are more exposed and vulnerable without being walled in by metal and airbags. Because of this, it is paramount (and often the law) to wear proper safety attire while […]

Motorcyclist killed in crash on Poinciana Boulevard

CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH.  LOOK TWICE, SAVE A LIFE. As drivers on the roadway we should always take precautions to look twice ensuring no motorcycles are coming before making left-hand turns or changing lanes, as a motorcyclist can be riding in your blind spot. Yesterday, a  52-year-old man was killed  after Florida Highway Patrol troopers […]