Avoiding the Stink and Sweat of Riding to Work

When you see a picture of a male or a female in motorcycle gear, you typically don’t imagine the scent. If you do, it may be the scent of oil and leather, not the smell of inevitable sweat. It goes with the territory. If you’re going to ride, you’re going to sweat. This is what makes riding to work difficult. 

Of course, technology has advanced to make wearing safety gear a more comfortable option. Cooling gear or ventilated options make Florida riding much more tolerable. Still, there’s going to be sweat. 

That makes it difficult for many people to ride to work. Unless you work at a place where you are going to sweat anyway, riding to work can be a hygiene challenge. Nobody wants to sit or stand next to a motorcycle rider who hasn’t properly prepared to ride to work. Most occupations require some proximity to other people. If you work solo, feel free to work in whatever state of sweating you please. If you have co-workers, consider these options. 

10 Ways to Avoid the Stink and Sweat of Riding to Work

Bring a change of clothes.

One of the most common things people will do if they are going to avoid any sweat problems when riding to work is to bring a change of clothes. If you have a work uniform, that is simple. However, if you are a business professional, this can be difficult. Can you say wrinkle monster? No saddlebag is big enough to carry your suit in a way that will keep its freshly pressed look. 

That means that when you are thinking of packing professional clothes for riding to work, you need to think about wrinkle-free options. Material that can be folded gently while maintaining its appearance. Travel clothing is typically made in this manner. Try these options out before using them for work. 

If you have the option, keep a travel iron at work. Then, you can touch up your clothing before venturing into the office. The key to success with bringing a change of clothes is preparing in advance with clothing and tools that can make you look work-ready when you get there.  

Use toiletries at work. 

Travel toiletries are available to meet nearly any need you could have. There are even dry shampoos that don’t require water to give your hair that smooth rather than greasy feel. Stock up on the things you need to clean yourself quickly. If your work has a shower available, make use of it. However, showerless occupations are generally the norm. Bring the shower with you with whatever toiletries make you look, feel, and smell fresh. Don’t forget your standard deodorant!

Bring wet wipes. 

If sweat isn’t a huge problem for you when you ride, simply bring along some wet wipes. This allows you to do a military-style wipedown to make you tolerable for the rest of the day. It is really a good idea to bring these with you anytime your ride, so you can feel fresh even if you’ve been going on a long ride meant for leisure. Put on some deodorant after your wipedown, and it’s nearly as good as a shower…at least for a short ride. 

Drink water. 

Sweat isn’t a bad thing, and it is your body’s natural way to cool itself. However, what is in your body matters if you want to have “clean” sweat. Especially if you are planning to ride well in advance of your trip to work, stay hydrated to avoid foul smelling sweat. 

Maintain your safety gear. 

Keeping your safety gear clean is another important factor in remaining clean when riding to work. A helmet can be dark and damp, which is a perfect growing ground for mold, bacteria, and fungus. Sweaty jackets are often hung in the garage instead of being properly cleaned or at least aired out. The best thing for your safety gear is a ventilated storage area. This will keep any funky scents from brewing. 

Plan ahead with your passenger vehicle. 

Work out a space with your boss or in your office where you can store work-ready clothing, and bring it in ahead of time in your passenger vehicle. The best way to prepare for riding is to not have to bring anything extra. 

Take your clothes in hangars and store them in a closet. Put toiletries in the bathroom or in your desk/locker. Not only does this ensure wrinkle-free clothing ready when you need it, but it also ensures you have all you need to be fresh and clean for work after a ride. This way, you can ride whenever you feel like it. 

Shorten the route. 

If you don’t ride for a long period of time, you won’t get too sweaty. In some cases, rerouting the way you get to work can mitigate any sweat problems. If there is an easier or shorter way to work, say through town instead of the freeway, take it. This isn’t always the best way to avoid a sweaty motorcycle ride to work, but it is a way to consider in most cases. At the very least, it can help. 

Purchase cooling gear. 

Manufacturers are constantly improving riding gear and making better cooling options. In most cases, this means that the riding gear has good airflow. However, there are new technologies that use moisture in a similar way to the body using sweat. Another option is a liquid cooling vest. Check out your options for cooling gear, and you may be able to eliminate all sweat causing factors to your motorcycle ride. 

Wear chaps. 

Chaps are an option for certain workers who are able to wear jeans or other casual pants to work. The advantage here is that they can be removed without a dressing room or bathroom, and you can go straight to work. Of course, this is only suitable for certain professions, but it makes getting into your work clothes very easy. Chaps may also provide better ventilation to prevent some sweating. 

Wear sweat wicking material. 

Lastly, many clothing manufacturers make clothes with sweat-wicking material. This is especially true of athletic clothing. Wearing this type of clothing, along with doing other sweat-avoiding activities, can make riding to work a much less sweaty experience. This clothing can be in the form of t-shirts, pants, and undergarments. 

Riding to Work on a Motorcycle Can Be a Clean and Fresh Experience

In most cases, you aren’t going to be able to avoid every ounce of sweat that can contribute to your cleanliness when you arrive at work. However, you can take steps to lessen your sweat and include items at your workplace that finish the freshening up process. As you ride to work more frequently, you’ll find the methods that work best for you. The important thing to remember is to never trade safety for the chance to sweat less. Safety is always first, and you can focus on keeping cool secondarily. 

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