Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits in Florida

When you are riding a motorcycle on any type of road, there is potential for injury. These injuries include injuries to your person, such as broken bones, head injuries, or road rash. They also include property damages such as damage to your motorcycle or damage to the location where the accident occurred. Lastly, these damages […]

Bluetooth Helmet Communication Options

Some people consider riding a motorcycle to be an escape from everyday life. However, that escape doesn’t mean you don’t want everyday life’s luxuries. Bluetooth helmet communication options bring those luxuries to your riding experience. Instead of disconnecting from life, riders benefit from access to their smartphone and each other. They can communicate and be […]

Motorcycle Hand Signals

The law requires that Floridian motorcyclists have electric turn signals. It’s not a bicycle, and hand signals will not suffice. However, motorcycle hand signals are still an important part of motorcycle group rides. Understanding them can help to improve the safety, comfort, and happiness of everyone who tries to ride as a group.  What are […]

Motorcycle Group Ride Tips

There are many do’s and don’ts involved in any motorcycle ride. They are a little bit different if you are planning on riding solo compared with riding in a group. That is why we’ve compiled this short list of motorcycle group ride trips to make sure you have a successful ride.  Ready Your Body Before […]