10 Romantic Motorcycle Dates

Motorcycle dates are some of the most fun times a person can have riding if they are experienced and know how to ride safely with a passenger. The same trip can be taken time and time again, and each time it will have a similar romantic effect. Still, every rider likes a new adventure. Here are 10 romantic motorcycle date ideas you may not have considered. 

10 Romantic Motorcycle Dates 

Sunset Romance: 

motorcycle datesSunsets are always romantic, but combine them with a romantic motorcycle ride and they are nothing short of spectacular. The west side of the state is the best place so witness beautiful sunsets because you get the clear view of the Gulf. The Florida Keys are also an amazing place to watch the sun go down. Make sure you time your ride correctly, so you can either ride in the glow of the sunset or have time to stop and watch it. Stuck on locations? Visit Naples, or take a ride along the Ozello trail. If you plan on dining, make sure you call ahead. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many restaurants to shut their doors. 

Vintage Coffee Shop:

motorcycle dates at coffee shopsOf course, every date should have some sparks of romance, but many first dates lack the draw to serious romantic moments because they can be awkward. That is why a vintage coffee shop is a perfect way to treat your date without laying it on too thick. This is especially perfect if you have a vintage bike, as it sets the tone for a hipster ride with a fun but relaxed atmosphere. A nice ride coupled with some good conversation at the local java shop is a perfect way to get to know someone. Common coffee shops like Starbucks are acceptable, as they offer guaranteed and expected commodities. However, finding a local coffee shop is more interesting. Florida has plenty of 1st rate coffee shops

Surf n’ Turf: 

If you are a Florida native, then you probably aren’t a stranger to seafood, and it makes an excellent dinner option when you are out on a date. Just make sure that your date isn’t allergic! Allergies can put a huge wrench in your surf n’ turf plans. Florida has beautiful outdoor dining options that give phenomenal views and people-watching opportunities. These are great conversation starters for a date with someone new. 

Motorcycle Dates on Florida Hills: 

The Florida coastline is not known for its mountainous regions. In fact, there aren’t really any “mountains” in Florida. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot head to some hillsides to get some amazing views. Route 17, or the scenic byway, has beautiful but gentle hills and corners. Mt. Dora is another place for some great date experiences due to the multiple restaurants and date-like atmosphere. One of the great advantages of the great advantages of hillside rides is that you get sweeping curves that make for a more exciting and enjoyable ride for both you and your date. 

First Light:

An early morning ride is filled with cool air, the scent of morning dew, and the most magical part of each morning…first light. It may not seem like a great time to go out on a date. On the contrary, it is one of the best times. Sure, you might yawn a couple times as you get adjusted to the early timeframe. On the other hand, you and your date experience something that many people rarely see. On a calm day, you may be able to see the sun’s green flash, a light phenomenon that occurs as the first rays of sun breach the horizon. First light rides are peaceful because there aren’t a lot of people on the road. They are also very memorable. 


If your date is up for it, you could plan an overnight stay at a bed and breakfast or even dare to motocamp. Florida gives many opportunities for this. It can be a rugged camping experience or a festival celebratory experience. You could even attend a rally for some overnight concerts and great food and drink. This could be a first time for your date, so you’d better make sure they are prepared. This means packing light, so your bike doesn’t have too much added weight. 

Food Tour: 

No matter how long you plan on your date lasting, you have endless options if you turn it into a food tour. Visit food carts, cafes, or restaurants. Again, you have to plan ahead to avoid COVID-19 closures, but most places are open if they didn’t have to close for good. If you want your food tour to be a little more romantic, make it a dessert tour. Visit chocolatiers, wine bars, or go to restaurants and order only off of the dessert menu. 

A Bit of Obscurity: 

A good motorcycle date appeals to both riders’ interest, which is why diving into a bit of obscurity can be an interesting and memorable date for both. Go see the live mermaid show at Weeki Wachee Springs State Park. Visit a museum you wouldn’t normally attend. Take a tour of a remote area or a historical area where you’ve never been. These events aren’t for tourists only, but locals forget to visit the most interesting areas that they have right at their fingertips. 

Intro to Bike Shop: 

It definitely depends on the date, but if he or she is willing to get a little dirty, a bike shop can create amazing romantic motorcycle dates. This gives you the chance to teach your date a little about motorcycles and how they work. You might even give him or her a turn on the wrench. There’s something rugged and sexy about mechanical labor, and sharing this job with a date can lead to some steamy moments. If your date isn’t really the bike shop type but you’d still like to make your date motorcycle-themed, go to a showroom. You can still talk casually about motorcycle aesthetics and teach your rider a little about what features you appreciate in different models. Be careful though. You have to have a rider who is interested in this, or you run the risk of a negative date experience. 

The Boardwalk: 

Lastly, the Florida coastline is filled with amazing boardwalks with plenty of couples activities available. Depending on the boardwalk, you’ll have dining, shopping, and carnival activities as optional activities. Not only do you get to make a cool entrance to the boardwalk by showing up on a motorcycle, but you then have loads of activities for a date with a person whom you might not know so well. Most of these boardwalk options can be concluded with a romantic walk on the beach. The boardwalk really offers everything. 

Safety First on Romantic Motorcycle Dates

Before you plan on a romantic motorcycle date, make sure your date is on board. Find out about his or her riding experience, and make sure you have extra safety gear. Make sure you pack for anything, and if you plan on drinking alcohol, consider leaving the motorcycle at home and taking a cab. Safety is everything when it comes to a successful motorcycle date, so you have to consider all factors. 

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