10 Motorcycle Ideas for Christmas in Florida 2020

In many parts of the world motorcycles are garaged for the winter, but not in Florida. The mildest winters in the United States occur in the southern half of the Sunshine State. This year has brought a lot of stress and unknowns because of the pandemic, and motorcycles have been a great escape from the worry and chaos. That is why it is a good idea to have some motorcycle ideas for Christmas to end the year on a high note. 

10 Motorcycle Ideas for Christmas

Toy Run

It’s not too early to start planning your motorcycle toy run put on by Harley Davidson each year. Your local dealership probably is involved, but it might look a little different this year because of the pandemic. Traditionally, thousands of bikers across the country band together for a ride and subsequent events following the ride. It turns into a regular rally. This year, there may be social distancing rules or rules about the events following. Hopefully, the rides will happen. In whatever way the toy run occurs, it will have the benefit of helping kids have a happy holiday. 

Christmas Parade

Much like a toy run, a motorcycle Christmas parade is a great way to get together with friends and put on a show for your community. This is a great time to go all out on your motorcycle decorating skills. Light it up, stick on some bows, and treat onlookers to a fun and family-friendly parade. 

Christmas Light Tour

You don’t have to put lights on your bike. Instead, choose to witness the lights others have put on their homes and businesses with a Christmas light tour. Check out local advertising or social media for special regions or neighborhoods near you that really focus on putting on the Ritz during Christmas. 

Decorate Your Bike

Decorating your bike for a parade is very different from decorating it for everyday Christmas joy. It won’t be as extravagant, but you can fashion a wreath or a bow on the front. Make sure that your décor is legal. Florida does have some light laws restricting blue lights and others in certain locations. More importantly, make sure your decorations are safe. They should not obstruct your vision, and they should be properly attached to your vehicle to avoid items falling into the street. 

Find Some Snow

Finding some snow is sort of a controversial idea because not only is it difficult to ride in the snow but also because Florida doesn’t have any. Don’t pick a region that has snowy roads, but find some northern country with some snowy hilltops. The only thing missing in Florida during Christmastime is that white fluffy stuff, and getting a good glimpse of it enlivens the Christmas spirit. It also provides the opportunity for a longer road trip. 

Christmas in the Keys

The Florida Keys are an amazing Christmas destination. Christmas light tours, parades, and everything else you’d want for a Christmas vacation are available. This is not to mention that the Keys are very motorcycle-friendly. Depending on COVID-19 restrictions, there are many events available during the holidays from plays to parades. 

Deliver Gifts

Doing things differently is often what makes an action fun, and that is why delivering gifts via motorcycle can be a blast. It isn’t that amazing in and of itself, but you get into a different headspace when you ride. Combining this attitude with the act of giving can be a big endorphin rush. Your recipients will also enjoy seeing you on your bike. 

Motorcycle Motif

One of the more common ways to mix Christmas and motorcycles is by incorporating motorcycles into your home décor. For the holidays, this means ornaments with Santa riding a Harley or motorcycle-themed garlands. You can imagine any motorcycle element transformed into a Christmas decoration. 

Put on the Suit

In case you didn’t know, Santa rides a motorcycle. Many motorcyclists already know this, as they participate in Santa rides every year. Imagine seeing around 100 people dressed as Santa going on a cruise. It will put you in the Christmas spirit. If you are feeling the notion but cannot find a ride to join, do it anyway. Put on the suit. You’ll bring joy to nearly everyone who sees you out riding in the red suit.  

Give Yourself a Ride

Lastly, treat yourself to a motorcycle ride for Christmas 2020. It’s been a strange year for everyone no matter how much the pandemic changed life. Celebrate making it through by going on a relaxing ride purely for your own enjoyment. Don’t worry about making it Christmas-themed. It will be that way because it is a Christmas gift for yourself. Get out there and celebrate the coming New Year. 

The Best Motorcycle Ideas for Christmas Involve Safety

No matter how you celebrate Christmas this year, if it involves your motorcycle, it needs to include safety. Whether you are putting on a Santa suit or decorating your bike, never compromise the chance that you will make it home to your friends and family unharmed. Wear proper safety gear, and drive with caution. 

Each holiday tends to coincide with an increase in automobile accidents by people who are under the influence of intoxicants. These preventable situations are often deadly, and somehow the holidays worsen the tragedy. Don’t drink and drive when you are riding a motorcycle. Not only might you harm someone else, but accidents where alcohol is involved are typically high-speed and therefore more deadly. There are many temptations to drink during the holidays, but make sure you have a designated driver, or call a cab. 

This Christmas 2020 may feel like a normal holiday, or it could be very different because of the pandemic. That is why another part of safety is taking care of your own mental health. In this way, going for a motorcycle ride can bring the needed relief of freedom. Nobody knows what lockdowns or health initiatives will take place, but riding a motorcycle is not high on the list of COVID-19 restrictions. It is a great way to feel like things are back to normal for a little bit even if they are not. 

A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help In Case of an Accident

Hopefully, your holiday motorcycle rides are wreck-free and injury-free. Should the unthinkable happen, it is important to know to contact a personal injury lawyer to help. When an accident first happens, the first thing to do is make sure you are as safe as possible. This means getting off the roadways by any means possible. If you aren’t injured too badly, gather as much evidence at the scene as you can to prove that the accident was not your fault. Get the contact information of witnesses and take any pictures if you can. Of course, many accidents do not leave the victim with this opportunity, but it does happen sometimes. 

Lastly, contact a lawyer who is experienced in motorcycle accidents and personal injury law. You want to ease any mediation or lawsuit processes by hiring an attorney who has handled many motorcycle cases. This will make the process as quick as possible, and you’ll be on your way to reconciling any damages with as little added stress as possible. 

If you’d like a consultation about a potential motorcycle personal injury lawsuit, contact the Law Offices of Kirshner, Groff, and Diaz.

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